How do I get ready for Equipment Inspection

How do I get ready for Equipment Inspection?

Judges have another important job at every tournament. Before shooting begins, they run Equipment Inspections to make sure that all archers are using proper equipment. Archers who have backup bows should have both their primary and backup bow inspected by a judge before shooting. To get ready for inspections, you should make sure you are up-to-date on the most current regulations. At the time we are writing in 2011, an archer should make sure of the following things.

To prepare your bow:

  • Your bow has no electronics.
  • The serving material of your string is not visible to you at full draw.
  • For recurves, your sight has no magnifying lens.
  • For compound bows, your draw weight is under the legal limit.

To prepare your arrows:

  • You have verified the legal arrow diameter for the event.
  • Your arrows have identical shafts, fletches, and nocks.
  • You have marked your arrow shafts with your name or initials.

For archers shooting with fingers (recurve, longbow, or compound):

  • Your tab or glove has no mechanical or electronic device to assist you in holding, drawing, or releasing the string.

For archers shooting with a mechanical release aid (compound only):

  • Your release aid has no electronic parts.

To prepare personally:

  • You have no electronics on your person or in your quiver.
  • Your clothes are in compliance with the dress code.
  • You are wearing your athlete’s number on your quiver or thigh, if provided.


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