Junior Training

Junior Training

Juniors training day – Every Saturday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Greenhills archers runs a Junior archer training day aimed towards the ages of 7 years of age up to a maximum age of 20

We aim to introduce workshops for 2016 to include:

  • Bow Maintaince
  • String / Arrow Making
  • Competition Preparation
  • Competition mentality, good practice and good sportsmanship

Our goal is to train future Senior archers who can compete confidently and competently at any level from club to international.

Our courses run for 6 weeks during which time the archer will be taught by 1 to 3 coaches with access to club gear any anything that they will require
in our hall we currently have the facility for 12 targets allowing 48 archers to shoot at once while other archers are attending to their equipment or carrying out maintenace.

We have been running for 1 year now and in that time we have had 4 archers come through the program making it to the national Junior squad taking a multitude of records and titles along the way with quite a few archers set to follow after
We are also visited regularly by members of the national Junior training structure which is of great help to us

Junior development is a major focus for the club as this comprises roughly 40% of our membership based on numbers at the start of the year
For this reason we ensure to have an unusually large number of Athlete protection officers and first aid trained members


We have recently created and are actively expanding our mentor program.
These mentors are a mix of archers and coaches with some former Ireland squad members.
Coming mainly form Liffey ,Dublin and Blackheath archers.

The purpose of this program is to get the Juniors the help they badly need especially after their beginner course

The mentors also gain valuable experience in training and teaching others and the opportunity to shoot alongside the Junior archers they help

We currently need a lot more mentors and volunteers to continue to develop and aid our Juniors on their journey to hone and develope the neccassary skills.

Should you wish to be a part of this programe and volunteer, please contact Adam BanksAida, or Rob


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